Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hey writer peeps!

As you can see, I'm the only one left here at Cleiti. It's very lonely here. Anyway, I can't devout time to writing for fun anymore, as I'm going into college and getting a job etc. This wasn't originally my blog, so I don't think I can do much. Maybe I'll eventually come back and round up another gang. I don't know. I have attempted to leave before and everyone pleaded with me not to, but I really can't stay. I'll keep this blog on my blog list, but it will stay deserted indefinately. Don't be sad! Just go back and enjoy what we've written up til now, and we'll all hope that one day this blog will live again. Instead of deleting it and trashing all our hard work, we'll just leave it here on life support, in it's own quiet and dark corner.

Until we meet again,

Autumn Elizabeth

Saturday, April 21, 2012


It seems that my announcing that I believe this blog is officially dead has caused an uproar! (In a good way!) People don't want us to leave! But, to get this thing up and running, we NEED people who can devout time to this! I can certainly devout a little time to this. But I can't write all the parts and keep this thing afloat with only me and Ashley participating regularly! But let me repeat this:

We need people who can devout time and TLC to 'Cleiti'!!!


It may be a while before we are back to normal, or even writing at all, but I will start searching for people to join us! If any of you reading are interested, head up to the "How to Join" tab!! There you will find how to join, and my e-mail address! If we want to keep Cleiti alive, we're gonna need some help!!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


...this blog is dead. DEAD. Dead as a doornail. No one cares about it. It's at the bottom of all our priority lists. None of us have time to talk to each other about characters and plots anymore. Most of our members are leaving/have left. And even those of us who are "still here", well, we haven't been doing diddly squat. We've tried to revive our precious writing gem many-a-time (with posts just like this), but I'm afraid that unless we get some new members, or some sort of extreme new encouragement, we just are not going to get this thing off the ground again anytime soon.

I'm not mad at, or blaming anyone (well, except myself). I've been occupied with many other things. I'm about to graduate high school, and start technical college. (And I'm turning 16 tomorrow! :D) I will certainly not have time for extra writing for Cleiti (if it were to even start up again; but if we were to continue doing nothing then it wouldn't matter) on top of school writing and my own writing, and will probably have to cut back on other things, or at least schedule better, as well.

Things will jut be a lot different for me soon, and as I want to keep going strong with my main blog, and I really want to continue to develop my writing on my own, and all the other various things I do, I need to release myself from a lot of these extra commitments.

I do hope, however, that maybe someday (in a galaxy far, far away... sorry I just couldn't help myself!) we can all come back fresh and strong. Maybe revise this entire project. Make it into something huge and amazing. Maybe make one of our roleplays into a novel. Who knows. I really love this blog, and things it's a terrific idea. But apparently, it was not executed at the right time in all of us members' lives.

So, this is another farewell. I'm sorry to go; I will keep checking in. I will stay as an author for this blog (just in case) and I will check back every now and again, but I'm moving on now. I hope to join you all here again someday.

Love you all,
keep on writing,
may the Force be with you,
and keep moving forward.
Sincerely, Autumn

Monday, February 13, 2012


Gals, I've decided to leave Cleiti.  School and my own writing / writing blog are just too much to concentrate on. 

I know that with you all, Cleiti is in good hands.

I'll still read your posts and cheer you on, but writing for the blog takes up time that I don't have anymore. :(

It's been a pleasure!! <3

- Ellyn

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Erin sat on the ground in the tent they had given her, and Faelion paced agitatedly in front of her.
"Erin, Why did you have to run off, like that?!
"Why shouldn't I?" Erin asked, she stared up at him like an angry, caged tiger.
"Why?!" Faelion laughed as if it was a joke, yet it wasn't a happy laugh. "Why Erin? Perhaps because of the Gracas? The fact you have no idea where you're at, should I go on?".
"Listen to me" Erin stood up, and locked eyes on her captor,  "I'm not your slave, and I won't stay here forever.  You can't expect me to stay here happily when I have friends, poeple who need me, out there, Faelion! Second, don't boss me again. Am I clear?"
They stood there for a few seconds, squaring off, defiantly glaring each other down.
Truth be unbarred, Erin was shaking inside. Ordering people about was never her style, but with her time of being here, she had learned Faelion never responded well to a meek person.  Right now, Meek and gentle was not something she needed to be.
Faelion slowly melted, and he smiled, "Nice to see you actually have some fire in you, Healer".
Erin didn't allow herself to relax yet, "You will lead me out of here, and bring me to my friends".
"Really?" Faelion glanced out the tent, and turned back to her, "And if I don't?"
Erin now smiled, Faelion might pretend to be tough, but there was one matter which was his Antilles' heel.
"I will refuse to heal any of your people. And, I will call out for Eru's help, which I should've done a long time ago".
Another staring contest started; Faelion trying to hide his worry behind anger, and Erin, trying to muster all her will to stare down this man who held her captive.
Finally, Faelion broke his cold gaze, "You can strike hard, Healer"
"My name is Erin, not healer. I would be pleased if you called me by it, Faelion".
Faelion bowed, "I will consider both requests you have sent before me" He winked, and began to exit the tent, but turned back before leaving, "Until then, I have you guarded, don't even try to run away".
Faelion laughed, and was gone, leaving his captive Healer with angry thoughts.

This really isn't much good. In fact, it stinks. Oh well, it's something, right?

Rinion Part 7

Danger! Rinion's senses were on edge ever since he had fled the hospital. He had fled after looking at those drawings with out a second thought. They had cut him open. They had taken away his dignity and respect among his kind. They had robbed him of who he was with out a thought of what it might mean to him.

He crouched lower in the bushes. His legs were starting to cramp. The quiet park he had picked to hide in was not quiet any more. It was full of Faeries twirling around to the sound of the music. Once or twice a Fae had carelessly tipped their drink over into the patch where he crouched. Now two of them were getting considerably closer and closer to him. His safety was threatened.

He had no idea if they had sounded the alarm yet. Maybe the Faerie doctor's still thought he lay in his cot. Probably not. He had fled that dreadful place with out care. He was reckless and could be caught at any moment.

 The faint breeze sent a shiver up his spine. It was going to be a brisk night, and he was without a shirt or anything to cover himself. Perhaps he could steal a cloak on his way away from here.

Something landed on his bush, making him jump. His view of the moon was obscured by something black. The Faerie girl giggled as the man whispered something to her. Rinion carefully reached up and felt the thing. A cape. It was a cape.

  He twirled the soft fabric in his right hand and grasped it tightly. If he timed this right he could grab the cape and run off and find Chay. His muscles tensed as he listened to the conversation of the two Faeries. The woman kept giggling at the man. Perhaps he could do it-

 NOW! His muscles screamed. The moment was a glorious opportunity to run. He grasped the cape and pulled it into the bush. Shoving it into a small ball he spun on his heels and darted out from underneath. He didn't dare pause to look back. He was fleeing down the cobblestone streets and into the dark alley that was waiting to swallow him.

    The cape wasn't much help. It had giant slits in the back for Faerie wings to protrude from. It wasn't made for a short Elf boy. It appeared to be made for style, not warmth. The edge was torn to be jagged, with varying lengths of fabric. It did however, have a hood which he used to cover his bald head.

  He trotted down the dark alley until the sound of another Faerie party reached his ears. He slowed down and crept quietly, making sure he wasn't able to be heard. Edging out, away from his dark protective alley, he stayed to the shadows.

 Sounds of strings and woodwinds came ushering from the wide windows. The curtains billowed out as the Fae's danced on the inside. Rinion dropped to the ground and crawled quietly to one of the windows. Something was drawing him to it. He had no clue what it was, but he was drawn towards that party. A dangerous thing for a Elf on the run.

   He slowly peered up over the edge of the sill. Fae's twirled around the room in a fancy dance. He slowly gazed about, not thinking he would see anything of worth. But then his eyes stopped on a Fae girl. One with curly blonde hair and aqua blue wings. It was Chay.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chay {Is Different}

The blonde haired blue eyed Faerie observed herself in the full length mirror. It was the first time in months that she had worn a Faerie dress, she had grown used to wearing the breaches and tunic the elves had given her. Her arm muscles were toned now, they looked odd in the sleeveless Fae gown. She no longer looked like "Scholar Chay" but someone new, like "Warrior Chay" or "Chay the Chosen".

    Not that she believed that chosen stuff anymore. She was convinced that the Elves had put her under some sort of spell and made her hallucinate about all those things. Like Eru was a real thing. She was a Faerie and Fae folk were better than to believe in nonsense like a god like Eru. All those things she felt? All that love and peace she had in her heart? It was just the hallucination drug they gave her. She couldn't explain away her muscles and new found skills, but none of that stuff really happened. She was sure of it. 

    Her mother and father were throwing a banquet at her safe return after being gone for so long. Her parents claimed that she was kidnapped by the Elves and was brainwashed to do things that she wouldn't normally do. She wanted to believe them, and was forcing herself to. She wasn't a warrior or a chosen one. She was just a scholar who was engaged to the Chancellor's son.

  Aveen knocked on her door. "Chay are you ready?" She called as she opened the door a crack. The dark haired girl opened it up. Her chocolate brown hair fell in curls.
  "Yeah," Chay said as she fluttered into the air. "As ready as I'll ever be." She threw on a short cloak, her wings finding their way through the slits cut in the back.
  "What happened to you Chay?" Aveen asked with an honest face. "When you were kidnapped what happened?"
  "Nothing." Chay brushed off her sister. "Nothing that matters."
 "I thought you were dead Chay. At first we thought it was a prank. Something to get back at us for something we did. But when you didn't turn up after two days we thought you had been kidnapped. We waited and waited for a ransom call, but it never came." Aveen started to sob a bit. She dabbed the tears away from her eyes gently fearing that she would smear her mascara. "I thought, we all thought-"

  Chay wrapped her arms around her little sister, something she had never done before. Aveen sniffled and dabbed at her eyes.
  "It's okay, I'm not dead now." She said as she drew apart. "And I'm not planning on it for awhile."

  Aveen looked up at her with sad eyes. "What will you do here Chay?"
   "Live my life the way I was before I suppose. I'll get my degree and write a book or two. I'll marry Grayson and when he becomes the next Chancellor I'll be his wife and do all the right things and appear at all the right places at the right time." She said that more as if she was assuring herself of what she needed to do than her sister.
   "But what about your adventure Chay? I know you had one. It was real. I know it was." Aveen held back tears as she stated the facts. "You were gone for months. And you've changed."

   Chay felt the walls of reality she had built up ever since her return to the city threaten to buckle under her sisters' weight. "That wasn't real." She snapped. "Now lets go or else we'll be late for the party. And it's thrown in my honor you know." She pulled away from her petite sister and flew down the hall.

  "I saw the book." Aveen whispered under her breath before starting after Chay.